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I'm Jennifer Lackey, the owner of Storybook Wedding Consulting.

Growing up, I had big be a Wedding Planner. I loved all things frilly and dresses that twirled. My mom would bring me bridal magazines from the store and I would spend hours poring over the trends making notebooks of "weddings" that I would put together. I loved to dream about things even bigger than my own wedding.  Fast forward to today, Storybook Wedding Consulting has grown into one of Atlanta's top wedding consulting businesses. I graduated from Auburn University in 2003 (War Eagle!), and I am happily married to my lovely husband. We have two beautiful girls and a sweet pup!

Storybook Wedding Consulting has been a leader in Atlanta since opening in 1998. We team up with the top wedding vendors to create a flawless process for you! We know that a wedding takes an entire team working together to make the event extraordinary!  We offer services ranging from event production, to full planning, to any event related to your wedding and beyond.  We want create the perfect package to fit your wedding planning needs while saving you time, sanity and money.  Our philosophy is to make you and your closest family and friends feel like guests at your own wedding.  Please take a moment to read what past clients have to say about Storybook Wedding Consulting. We put the fab in Fabulous!

I love all things wedding. So let's talk!



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Amy Arrington Photography

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Danielle Valimont Photography

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Kristen Alexander Photography

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"They say there is no such thing as a perfect wedding, but as the bride, I truly felt that everything was flawless!"

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